Not Just About the Deficit

Over a dozen Millennial-led organizations came together last week for a strategy session that we co-hosted with the Campaign to Fix the Debt.

Although our group has been organizing around the debt for a few years, we knew we could learn a lot from others’ perspectives too. This diverse group did not disappoint. 


At the end of the day, our campaign is not just about deficit reduction. In reality, fixing the debt is not just about fighting for jobs, health care, education, the environment – the very issues that the organizations in the room already care about.

If we don’t get the debt under control, our country will not be able to afford needed investments in these areas.

So rather than viewing our campaign as yet another cause to care about or organize around, I believe those who came to the meeting, like me, realized that this issue is central to the work they are already doing.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be forming a Millennial Leadership Council with these and other groups. It will aim to unite a coalition of organizations to join us in demanding our leaders fix the debt. If you are interested in being involved or want to suggest organizations for us to speak with, drop us a line or sign up to volunteer.

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