Millennial Leadership Council

The Millennial Leadership Council provides strategic advice and direction on how to mobilize and empower young Americans to urge the White House and Congress to enact a fair and comprehensive debt reduction plan that protects the vulnerable, supports our current economic recovery and is conducive to long-term growth.


Beau Allen - Public Affairs Chairman and Founding Board Member, Concord 51

Jess Brondo– Founder & CEO,

Stefan Byrd-Krueger – New Media and Outreach Director, Concord Coalition

Michael P. Davidson – CEO, Gen Next

Rush Doshi – Analyst at Rock Creek Global Advisors

Yoni Gruskin – Co-founder and President, Concerned Youth of America

Andy MacCracken – Executive Director of the National Campus Leadership Council

Caroline Matthews – Co-founder and Director of Operations, Concerned Youth of America

Zach Maurin – Director of ServeNext, an initiative of ServiceNation

Mike Murphy – Senior Research Associate, Comeback America Initiative 

Ashwin Narla – Student Body President, George Washington University (2012-2013)

Brent Parton - SHOUTAmerica

Tori Pohlner – Student Body President, University of Arkansas (2012-2013)

Christopher Angelo Ponzi – Co-founder and Creative Messaging Director for Rebellious Truths

David B. Smith – Founder of and former Executive Director of National Conference on Citizenship

William Tarter, Jr. – President, Cleveland Young Professional Senate

*Leadership Council members do not necessarily represent the views of their organizations

Sign On, Speak Out

Washington has kicked the can down the road far enough on our growing national debt. Join the Millennial movement to reclaim our American Dream.