Why We Can Make A Difference

The debt is the gift that keeps on taking. It’s such a large, complicated problem that on the surface it may seem like we can’t make a difference but the Millennial generation, those between 18-32 years old, are the largest generation in history and while some may brush us aside we have power – the power to change things.

Here is why:
•    We keep the country running. In 2014 Millennials will make up 36% of the workforce and by 2020 we will be 46%. We run companies, serve in the military and work for major corporations. (1)

•    We buy a lot of stuff. Currently our spending power is over $200 billion and by 2017 it will be greater than that of our parents. As consumers we have the power to influence business and business has the power to influence Congress. (2)  

•    One of the most powerful actions you can take is to vote. As an individual you may not feel you have much of a voice but as a generation we have a huge voice and as the largest generation in history, Congress better listen even if we’re not talking because when we do speak up, we will scream them right out of office. Today there are more eligible voters under 30 than over 65.   

•    We make a difference in the community. On average 63% of us volunteered in 2011 and 75% of gave money to a non-profit in 2011. We’re already a vital part of the community and will be an even more vital part going forward. In order for us to keep creating positive change locally, politicians are going to have change their ways. (3)

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Sign On, Speak Out

Washington has kicked the can down the road far enough on our growing national debt. Join the Millennial movement to reclaim our American Dream.