Just Three a Week

The more people who join our movement to demand a commonsense solution to fix our national debt, the louder our collective voice will be in Washington. It’s that simple.

So today we’re kicking off a “Three-A-Week” recruitment challenge. Watch and share the announcement video below from former Senator and fiscal commission co-chair Alan Simpson (and find out why he's dancing Gangnam style!). 

Here’s how the challenge works: You recruit three new supporters to The Can Kicks Back campaign every week from now until President Obama’s Inauguration on January 21st. And you ask each of those three people to do the same.

We have compiled all the information, tools and tips you need to get started.

Our website will give you a unique URL to track how many people you’ve signed up. We’re offering some cool prizes, including an all-expense paid trip to Washington, to those who recruit the most supporters.

If 150 people start the challenge this week, we could have as many as 2.5 million supporters eight weeks from now. That’s the power of each of us recruiting just three people a week.

It starts with YOU. And it starts NOW.

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