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No Deal No Break

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No Deal, No Break

Our national debt is $16.4 trillion and growing every day – threatening everything and everyone we care about. But instead of working together to fix the problem, Congress is too busy bickering and, worse, on vacation. Over the next five months, the Senate will be on break for five weeks and the House will be on break for six weeks! Enough.

There are multiple reasons members of Congress might go home, but given the gravity of the problem, and the years that Congress has already delayed action, we believe nothing is more important than members staying in Washington and doing their jobs. The fundraisers can wait. Our nation's ticking debt bomb can't. 

So it's time to tell Congress: Don't come home until you reached a deal that addresses our debt. No deal, no break.

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Congress is getting ready to go on a two-week "spring break" at the end of March, even though they have not reached a deal to meaningfully address our mounting national debt burdens. When is the last time you got a two-week spring break? It is unnecessary, especially since so much work needs to be done. 

Our leaders are sent to Washington to fix problems, not to bicker and return home without a solution! So it's time for us to send a loud and clear message as politicians are packing their suitcases: No Deal, No Break. 

Please use one or all of the following methods to contact our leaders: 

  1. Tweet
    Look up the Twitter handle(s) for your elected leaders. Then compose a tweet with the #NoDealNoBreak hashtag. We encourage you to come up with your own tweet, but here are some examples: 


    @KaylaBWhitaker Tweet.png

  2. Call
    Call Capitol Hill at 202-224-3121 and ask for the office of your Representative and/or Senator(s). Relay to the receptionist: 

    i) Your name and where you live and ii) that you believe your elected leader should stay in Washington until both parties reach a deal that brings our debt to a sustainable level. 

    After all, is going on break more important than making sure our country doesn't go broke? Tweet their response with #NoDealNoBreak

  3. Email
    Use this directory to find your elected leaders' email (i.e. 'contact form') and send them a note. We encourage you to come up with your own personalized email, but here is an example: 

    Ex.: Dear [Leader],
    As a constituent from [insert your town/city], I believe it is important you stay in Washington until both parties reach a deal to effectively address our mounting national debt. After all, we sent you there to solve problems. When I'm faced with a pressing problem at work I buckle down and deal with it. Please do not take any more breaks until there is a bipartisan deal that brings our debt to a sustainable level. The meetings, fundraisers and other activities can wait; our looming debt crisis cannot. Thank you. 
    [Your name]

We want to hear from you! Who did you contact? Did they respond? And most important, what did they say? Comment below.




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Well, I contacted Representative Carson and Senator Coats. Senator Donelly’s contact page is down however.

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