Seal the Deal

Headed over the Cliff?

Every day that goes by, we get closer to going over the “fiscal cliff” – which means tax increases for all Americans and steep, across-the-board spending cuts. What would this mean for young Americans? Quite simply: fewer jobs, higher taxes and less investment in our future.

Learn more by downloading our Fiscal Cliff fact sheet and listening to a recording of related conference call featuring TCKB supporters who share their personal stories.


It’s time to seal the deal!


It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to put our country before their party and our generation before their special interests. It’s time they work together to find common ground and avert the fiscal cliff and deal with the debt. It’s time they heard from YOU. Please take a couple minutes to take two actions:

1. Call your leaders in Congress. You can use this tool that will automatically connect you, or you can be directed to your representatives by calling 1-888-436-6478.  See a sample message below.

2. Spread the word online. Download the "Seal the Deal" Facebook cover to show your support for the campaign and get your friends involved. Send your Tweets with the hashtag #SealTheDeal and #FtheDebt. 

3. Spread the word offline. Download the “Seal the Deal” poster. Take a photo of it hanging up in your community or of you holding it up with a friend (preferably of another party!) and email to In return, we’ll mail you and your friend a TCKB button and wristband. 


Our Message

Here’s an example of what you could say on the phone with your leaders’ offices:

Hi, my name is ____________  calling from [YOUR city/town, state], and I'm a supporter of The Can Kicks Back campaign. 

I’m calling to urge the [Senator/Representative + THEIR name] to pass a bipartisan agreement to tackle our nation's debt crisis that both cuts government spending and raises revenue in order to pave the way for a strong economic future.

This matters to me because ______________.

Thank you for your time. Congress must work together to find common ground to avert the fiscal cliff and pave the way for a strong economic future.




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