How Grover Norquist is hiking our taxes

When I got an email about Grover Norquist headlining POLITICO Playbook's breakfast this week, I just knew I had to (literally) roll out of bed early to attend. 

After all, the no-tax-increase pledge spearheaded by Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform is one of the reasons why politicians keep kicking me down the road. Members of Congress who signed this special interest pledge essentially tied their hands with respect to deficit reduction. We all know we can't just cut, grow or tax our way our of $16 trillion and growing national debt. We need a combination of all three.

So I showed up early Wednesday morning, hoping to talk directly to Mr. Norquist. I wanted to inform him of something rather...well, uncanny about his pledge. For as long as it contributes to Washington gridlock by preventing reasonable commonsense compromises, the pledge is partially responsible for our growing national debt. And every dollar in debt is truly nothing but a TAX on the next generation, who will have to pay it back. 

Imagine that. Higher taxes for tomorrow's generation because of an anti-tax pledge signed by today's politicians. 

Unfortunately, the nice folks organizing the Playbook breakfast informed me they do not allow Cans to join. So, instead, I stood outside and made sure every person going in knew about this intergenerational tax hike.

I hope one day, Grover, we will meet. 

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