5 Ways to Kick Back

Millennials tackle the Debt on Capitol HillAs young people, we might not vote in as high of numbers older folks, and we might not donate to campaigns in as high of amounts as wealthier folks – but we are the most connected generation in American history. If we wanted to, we could create a grassroots movement overnight before Washington knew what hit it. We are 80 million Millennials. They are 536 politicians. We got this.

Below are five ways you can kick back at Washington, starting right now. Some actions may take as little as 5 seconds, others up to 5 minutes. Every action earns you “political capital” which can get you bragging rights and even cool TCKB swag.

1.    Connect with us

To get the latest news and stay in touch with the campaign, be sure to:

•    Sign up for email updates
•    Follow us on Twitter
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•    Join our LinkedIn Network

2.    Download our Mobile App

Join "The Can Kicks Back" cause on the Crowdshout mobile app to take weekly actions that will influence Congress – such as Tweeting, Facebook messaging and calling. 

3.    Share your Story

Send your "Message to Washington" about why you think our growing national debt is important and what you think they should do about it. Our leaders need to hear from you.


4.    Become a Volunteer

Signing up as a volunteer is the first step to getting more involved in our campaign. Where we do not already have a local leader, you can step up and assume additional responsibility on your campus or in your community.


5.    RSVP for our monthly conference call

Meet other supporters, learn from experts and hear from prominent leaders during our monthly supporter conference calls. You can also listen to an archive of past calls.

Sign On, Speak Out

Washington has kicked the can down the road far enough on our growing national debt. Join the Millennial movement to reclaim our American Dream.