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The people you’re elected and getting paid to represent are suffering because of your childish antics and lack of caring.

My Message to Washington


After 5 long weeks, the Generational Equity tour will roll into Washington, D.C. having made 25 stops across America reaching thousands of young americans in the process. At each stop we have been collecting the signed messages of Millennials demanding congress address our fiscal future instead of continuing to kick the can on our generation. 

Each message we collect is slapped onto one of 1500 shiny cans. On October 31st, your message will be presented at the US Capitol sending a message loud and clear to Washington, "The Can Stops Here."

Sign your message to congress below to add your voice to the hundreds who have already signed.

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Endorse the INFORM Act

The INFORM ACT Economists

To date, over 1,200+ leading economists and former government and elected officials have endorsed the INFORM Act – including 17 Nobel laureates, formers heads of OMB and GAO, and former chairmen of the Senate Budget Committee from both parties.   

Now, it's your turn! Please sign below to endorse the INFORM Act, which incorporates generational accounting and fiscal gap analysis in the budgeting process to provide more information to lawmakers and the public about how today's fiscal policy will impact young people and future generations. Then spread the word to your friends, classmates and colleagues! 

Learn more about the INFORM Act.