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Letter to Budget Conference Committee

Our country hasn't had a budget in over three years and instead has been moving from one short-term measure to the next. The good news is that after the recent government shutdown, the House and Senate agreed to create a Budget Conference Committee with the goal of coming up with a budget proposal by December 13. Now is the time to let our leaders know we want them to pass a budget that reduces long-term deficits and growing our economy.

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Dear Budget Conferees,

As the “can” that gets continually kicked down the road, young Americans of the millennial generation have had enough of the government shutdowns and debt ceiling showdowns. We desire bold, balanced and bipartisan solutions that can help revive our economy, reduce long-term deficits and restore generational fairness to the federal budget.

We believe the Budget Conference presents a unique opportunity for leaders to work together and advance both fiscal sustainability and generational equity. We write to urge you to craft a budget resolution that:

  1. Replaces the indiscriminate and harmful cuts of the budget sequester with more sensible, longer-term savings and use a portion of these savings to increase critical investments in our future;

  2. Reforms entitlement programs to slow the growth of spending and ensure a strong social safety net for generations to come –– without exempting current beneficiaries from necessary changes but protecting the most vulnerable;

  3. Removes loopholes and preferences in the tax code in order to make it more competitive and raise additional revenue.

Since such a comprehensive agreement may not be possible by the December 13 deadline, the Budget Conference should, at the very least, set specific revenue, spending and savings levels with an enforceable timeline for each Congressional committee of jurisdiction.

The outlined approach of a “Grand Generational Bargain” was supported by three-quarters (75%) of millennials polled along our recent cross-country Generational Equity Tour. The millennial generation, over 70 million strong, overwhelmingly believes our long-term budget imbalance should be a top national priority. Now is the time for Congress to address it. The longer we delay, the more young people and future generations will have to pay.

Each time leaders avoid tough choices and kick the can, they put the American Dream further and further out of our reach. But young Americans –– those of us in school, beginning our careers and starting our families –– refuse to be the first generation in our history to be handed a lower standard of living than our parents. We will stand by those who stand with us, because our future is more important than partisan politics.

We are relying on your leadership.