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Infrastructure Investment Hits Another Pothole in Congress

Updated on August 4th Last week, Americans breathed a sigh of relief after it appeared that Congress came to an agreement on the future of the Highway Trust Fund. The Senate announced that it would accept the basic concept of a short-term fix endorsed by the House Ways and Means......(Read More)

The Export-Import Bank: Crony capitalism or useful tool?

“Crony capitalism is alive and well...” “[American] manufacturers can’t afford to be defenseless in the global marketplace” “The federal government shouldn’t be involved in picking winners and losers” If these quotes sound familiar to you, you might think that these were phrases uttered during the 2008 debates over federal bailouts......(Read More)

Corporate Inversion. What's that?

Updated on August 5th The tax reform debate has recently centered on “corporate inversions”, in which companies restructure and reorganize themselves overseas in a lower-tax jurisdiction while maintaining their everyday material operations within the United States. In essence, what was previously an American company is now technically a foreign corporation,......(Read More)

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